Air Cooled Packaged ACs

Blue Star is a pioneer in the manufacturing of floor-mounted Packaged ACs for over three decades now. These systems are popular in commercial applications due to their distinct advantages of servicefriendliness and extended ducting capabilities.

In this range, the floor-mounted indoor unit houses the DIDW blower, coil, filters and compressor, while the outdoor unit houses the highefficiency condenser and new-design propeller fan. The strategic design, which places the compressors in the proximity of the evaporator in the indoor unit, further enhances the efficiency of this system.

Water Cooled Packaged ACs

Where water is available in plenty, our water cooled Packaged ACs offer higher efficiency than air cooled systems since water is a superior cooling medium compared to air. These systems come pre-charged and the unit comprises of the filter, blower, evaporator, compressor and water cooled condenser. These water cooled systems offer both higher efficiency as well as lower power consumption compared to air cooled systems.

Air Cooled Packaged ACs

Air Cooled Ductable Splits

Where floor space is scarce but the AC unit can be housed above the false ceiling, ducted splits are the best choice. The indoor unit in our ductable splits houses the evaporator, DIDW blower and filter in a compact powder-coated sheet metal unit, while the outdoor unit houses the compressor, the condenser and the new-design propeller fan.

Water Cooled Ductable Split Units:

This is another innovation by Blue Star. Our water cooled ducted units are very much suitable for shopping malls, office complexes, serviced apartments, industrial air conditioning set-ups and any application with multiple tenants. The advantages are:

    1. Independent control and power billing in multi-tenant premises.

    2. Units can be mounted within the tenant’s place.

    3. Investment can be in a phased manner; no need to lock capital.

    4. Aesthetically better as the outdoor unit is not exposed like in air cooled systems. Also, refrigerant pipe limitation is overcome as the condensing unit need not be kept in an open space and can be mounted near the IDU within the building.

    5. New DSW-mini series units are available in smaller capacities: 1 TR, 1.5 TR, 2 TR, 2.5 TR.

Air Cooled Ductable Splits
Water Cooled Ductable Split