Room Air conditioning Division (RAD)

Dewlite offers an array of AC products such as Commercial AC, Inverter AC, Split AC and Window AC. Be it a commercial space or a residential space, we take care of all your requirements.

Commercial ACs

Commercial spaces such as offices and showrooms are typically large in nature. Normal Window ACs and Splits that are built for smaller rooms are not the ideal choices for such spaces. Blue Star therefore presents a unique Commercial Split range that offers higher capacity and efficiency to suit such spaces.

Mega Split AC
Cassette AC
Verticool Split AC

Inverter AC

Here's an AC that thinks and adjusts according to your needs. Blue Star's Inverter AC. Its compressor changes frequency according to the ambient load. As the frequency changes, RPM of the compressor also changes. This eliminates any temperature fluctuations and helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

Precision Inverter AC
Inverter Split AC
Multi Inverter Split AC

Split AC

Certified by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Blue Star's star rated range of Hi-Wall split ACs offers you the dual advantage of high performance cooling and low electricity bills.

5 Star
3 Star
2 Star

Window AC

Blue Star's star rated range of Window AC's brings together the benefits of superior cooling, energy-saving performance and aesthetic looks, all in one unit.

Available in 5 star, 3 star and 2 star ratings, these ACs offer you nothing but the best. With multi-fan speed to choose from, an auto restart with memory function, a filter check LED on the front panel and cordless LCD remote, these ACs are specially designed keeping all your needs in mind.

LA/LB Series
LC Series
G Series