Water Cooled Screw Chillers

Blue Star, India’s largest central air conditioning company has been providing expert cooling solutions for over seven decades now. As a leader in the industry, it has been manufacturing a wide range of scroll, screw and centrifugal chillers that provide cool comfort in airports, green buildings, hotels, malls, offices, industries, etc.

Based on its continued thrust for research and product development, Blue Star has launched a new state-of-the art configured series of AHRI-certified water cooled screw chillers. These chillers provide application versatility, energy efficiency, control precision, reliability, ease of installation and operational cost effectiveness. The chillers are designed to deliver proven performance plus a host of other benefits required for industrial and commercial applications.

Wide Capacity Range

The chillers are offered in a wide range of capacities from 80TR to 450TR with single/twin compressors. The performance is fully validated by AHRI for all the models. The number of passes across cooler and condenser can be modified to suit the capacity, pressure drop and efficiency. The chillers operate at 415V, 50Hz on a 3-phase power supply.

Single Compressor Range:

The Single Compressor range is available from 80TR to 235TR.

Range : 80 - 235TR

Double Compressor Range:

The double compressor range is available from 160TR to 450TR.

Range : 160 - 450TR

Project-Specific Chiller Design

The new Blue Star Configured Screw Chiller series can be selected based on Project specific requirement. Unlike the conventional chillers, Blue Star’s latest screw chillers are not limited to select capacity models. The configured chillers have an exhaustive range of coolers, condensers and compressors which offers flexibility to select chillers based on varied needs of customers like:

  • Capacity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pressure drops
  • Flow rates
  • Dimensions